by Claire Wilson Art

Claire Wilson Art 'Bespoke Wedding'
Claire Wilson Art 'Bespoke Wedding'
Claire Wilson Art 'Bespoke Wedding'

Claire Wilson Art  offers bespoke wedding products to help you add a personal, unique touch to your big day, incorporating the countryside from sheep & cattle to game and wildlife! 

     Wedding Favours

  • Ceramic Decoration's

  • Coasters

  • Keyrings

Table Plans with Table Names

  • Different Sheep Breeds

  • Bespoke Service of your own animals

There are a couple of options for each of the products Claire offers, giving different price options also. Both ensuring an extra special touch of countryside to your wedding day.

Each service can be either 100% bespoke for you and feature artwork in which you yourself have commissioned Claire to complete. Due to this being commission based extra costs will be added for the drawing time and artwork processing fees. However it will mean that you not only have the finished product for your wedding day, but you will also have the original artwork as a keepsake for the wall in which you can cherish for a lifetime. The perfect wedding gift to your Bride or Husband to be! Additionally, your artwork will be on our system, meaning that at any stage over future years if you ever wanted bespoke products made, for example Christmas Cards, this can be available as a service without charging any extra artwork fees (unless changing the initial scanned image). 

The second option to choose from, is a little cheaper than the above mentioned.

For wedding favours (depending on the number required) you can select from up to two of Claire's current available designs to be printed across products. On keyrings these can either have the image on one side and a personalised name and date on the reverse side OR just on the image itself featuring both sides. For ceramic decorations; artwork will only be printed on one side due to our base stamp being on the other side.  

For table names; Claire currently has one complete set (14 tables worth) of different breeds of sheep. You can pick and choose your breeds if the 14 are not required, or you can 'edit' your selection, in the sense you can use some of the available designs and add in a commissioned piece (as many as you wish) if you have your own sheep you wish to be featured, it also helps to add the personal touch. Please note that any extra commissioned artwork will come at an individual quoted price from Claire. Commissioned prices are all worked out to cover for the time and materials used, unfortunately there will be no space for any discount if more than 1 commission is required.

This is a service in which Claire hope to one day expand and have more designs and 'Table Name Sets' to choose from. However again, due to the fact Claire is juggling her jobs and attending other projects with her artwork, she's never quite managed to achieve this.

In January 2020 Claire took great pride in completing a bespoke 'Table Name Set' of 13 glorious cows heads - a variety of breeds and each cow meaning something special to the couple, with some sort of fun story behind why they chose each girl to feature on their Table Names. Due to the unfortunate events of the Coronavirus, the couple have had to postpone their wedding to a later date. We very much look forward to showing them all off to you, but of course the big reveal shall be kept until after the lovely couple get to celebrate their (postponed) wedding day May 2022!

Please get in touch with Claire if you wish to discuss a quote, or​ if you have any questions at all that you would like to be answered. 

Any enquiries are always welcomed!

Claire Wilson Art 'Bespoke Wedding' Photo taken by Sandie Mciver
Claire Wilson Art 'Bespoke Wedding' Photo taken by Sandie Mciver
Claire Wilson Art 'Bespoke Wedding' Photo taken by Story of Love Photography



Claire Wilson Art retains all rights to ALL artwork, even those of sold & commissioned original artworks. 

At NO POINT should the buyer/collector reproduce any artwork created by Claire Wilson Art, purchased/or not in ANY MEANS without permission from Claire Wilson Art

Claire Wilson Art retains the right of making any reproductions of any artwork created by her, unless the customer has purchased the full rights to the artwork - this is an additional sale to the artwork itself. 

If you wish to purchase the full rights of your artwork then please just ask.


The buyer/collector has the right to display the artwork ONLY and do not have any rights to sell or reproduce the art for profits at ANY time, without the permission of the artist in writing . 

Any fraudulent use of Claire Wilson Art's artwork, in any means, violates the rights held and creates an offence of forgery. This will be severely punished under the Intellectual Property Code. Under any circumstances, Claire Wilson Art will not be held responsible if a buyer/collector violates rights of any means through his/her action and prosecutions will be administered.