This petite bag is 20X20X18cm in size.

Shopping, lunch, gift bag or even just for storage; these handy Jute bags are a must have in ever house!

Claire’s bags are made from Jute. An eco-friendly fabric thats produced from one of the strongest and most sustainable natural fibres. Which ensures your bag will be long lasting, just as a ‘bag for life’ should!

Jute is a rain-fed crop and can be harvested within just four to six months. It also requires little or no fertiliser, or pesticides. 

Not only are Jute bags durable and strong, they also have extremely low CO2, water and ecological footprint.👣 🌎 

Meaning your doing more than ‘your bit for the environment’ when promoting the use of them in our day to day lives. Not only this but it will also help with promoting the discouragement of using the easy accessible plastic materials, that are damaging our surrounding environment, farm land and wildlife.🌱
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